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Safawi Bio Datteln Safawi Bio Datteln
Organic Safawi dates
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Safawi Dates

Buy sun dried Safawi dates from NaraFood

Due to their full-bodied taste and fine-sweet aroma, Arabic Safawi dates are in great demand. Characteristic of this date is its dark color and elongated shape. It is best compared to Ajwa dates in terms of taste and deliciousness.

As is known, the texture of dates can vary from year to year - or rather from harvest to harvest. The Safawi dates we currently have in stock (2022 harvest) are sun-dried and have a relatively firm, dry flesh. If you like dates that are a bit harder and slowly release their aromatic sweetness when chewed in your mouth, you will certainly enjoy these Safawi organic dates!

Since the flesh is quite dry, these dates can be stored at room temperature.

NaraFood recommendation when you buy our Safawi dates:

  • Enjoy the shiny desert delicacy with your coffee in the afternoon low.
  • Snack on the dates at room temperature so they are not too firm
  • While the dates are in your mouth, the fruit will gradually release its aromatic sweetness

Buy organic Safawi dates online

Organic Safawi dates can be ordered online directly from NaraFood. However, you can also find us in well-stocked organic and delicatessen stores.

All our dates are certified organic. We purchase the dates directly from our farmer in Saudi Arabia.