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Mazafati Bio Datteln, 7.2 kg Mazafati Bio Datteln, 7.2 kg
Mazafati organic dates, 7.2 kg
Sale price65,00 € Regular price95,00 €
9,03 € /kg
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Medjool Bio Datteln, Saudi-Arabien Medjool Bio Datteln, Saudi-Arabien
Medjool organic dates, Saudi Arabia
Sale price39,99 € Regular price44,99 €
13,79 € /kg
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Medjool Choice Bio Datteln Medjool Choice Bio Datteln
Medjool Choice organic dates
Sale priceFrom 64,99 € Regular price74,99 €
13,00 € /kg
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Filled dates Filled dates
Filled dates
Sale price10,00 € Regular price15,99 €
2,74 € /100g
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Date Maamoul Date Maamoul
Date Maamoul
Sale price5,00 € Regular price9,99 €
1,25 € /100g

Organic dates on sale

In our SALE category you will find an overview of all current (date) offers. These are mostly either products that we offer for a short time at a lower trial price, whose MHD is about to expire, or so-called "second choice" dates that no longer meet our premium quality and are therefore sold at a reduced price.

"Second choice" - what does that mean?

As "second choice" we declare dates that are either already somewhat dried out or - in most cases - sugared out. Sweetening is a natural process that takes place over time in dates and other dried fruits. The sugar contained in the fruit juice forms crystals, which then become visible as small, white globules either on the fruit or directly under the skin. The sugaring process does not affect the taste. However, the texture of the fruit changes somewhat because the fructose crystals sometimes create crispy spots in the flesh.

Our "second choice" dates still taste super delicious and are also versatile in the kitchen. If you choose the second choice, however, you should not expect premium quality! There will be fruits that don't look so nice anymore, maybe crushed, burst open or dried out. We sell them at a very reasonable price, but therefore cannot accept any complaints! Please be aware of this before ordering larger quantities.

Why it is worth buying "second choice" dates

If you are looking for affordable and nutritious food, our "second choice" gives you the opportunity to buy different organic date varieties at a special price. This has a lot of advantages:

  1. Affordable price: our "second choice" dates are significantly cheaper than dates from the premium selection - but just as delicious and nutritious!
  2. Sustainability: By buying "second choice" dates you help us avoid food waste.
  3. Taste: Although "second choice" dates may not look as perfect as first choice dates, they often have the same taste and texture. So you can enjoy the full flavor of dates without spending more money.
  4. Versatility: "second choice" dates can be eaten plain, of course, but they can also be used in a variety of recipes, including snacks, desserts, sauces and more. For ideas, check out our date recipes page.

Shelf life and storage of "second choice" dates

Shelf life always depends on the type of date and how it is stored. However, as a general rule, dates are a fruit that can be stored wonderfully over a long period of time. We generally recommend storing dates in the refrigerator or even in the freezer to preserve their flavor and freshness. This way, you can easily buy larger quantities of dates and store them for several months. This also applies to dates that are labeled as "second choice".