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Schokodatteln Bio - Medjool Schokodatteln Bio - Medjool
Organic chocolate dates - Medjool
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Schokodatteln Bio - Mazafati Schokodatteln Bio - Mazafati
Organic chocolate dates - Mazafati
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Dattel Kakao Nibs Bio
Date Cocoa Nibs Organic
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Schokodatteln Bio - Deglet Nour Schokodatteln Bio - Deglet Nour
Organic chocolate dates - Deglet Nour
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Schokodatteln Bio - Ajwa Schokodatteln Bio - Ajwa
Organic chocolate dates - Ajwa
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Chocolate dates: Arabian delicacies for special occasions

Our bestseller, a popular gift and a big hit among those with a sweet tooth: our chocolate dates. We have selected three very different date varieties, each covered in the finest, natural chocolate. Both the fruit and the chocolate are organically grown.

Dates with chocolate, born around 1900 AD in Cairo.

Chocolate covered dates have a long and exciting tradition. Around 1880, the Swiss pastry chef Groppi left his homeland and settled in Egypt. After a store in Alexandria, the chocolatier founded the Maison Groppi in Cairo, where noble European delicacies were served by diplomats and high society.

Not only did the company set up its own factories for cakes and pastries - it even kept its own herd of Swiss cows in the Nile Delta. During this time, around 1900, the pâtissier had the idea not only to import Europe, but also to include domestic delicacies in the offer and the chocolate date was born. Maison Groppi endured many more glorious but also revolutionary years until it was finally sold in the eighties. Chocolate dates, however, managed to hold their own through the changing times. Today, the delicacy exists in countless varieties with countless fillings and enjoys great popularity far beyond the Arab world.

Chocolate dates in 3 variations

Not all dates are the same. Worldwide, there is a five-digit number of different date varieties. What you can buy from us is only a tiny part of this amazing variety. If you have already tried our date tasting package, you will have noticed that the different varieties differ greatly from each other. There are dry and fresh dates, sticky, fibrous, juicy and creamy. The aroma also varies greatly depending on the variety, from light-sweet to spicy-tart to mild.

For our chocolate-covered dates, we have selected 3 varieties that differ in consistencies as well as sweetness and aroma to offer an interesting selection. The Mazafati date is our creamy soft praline - it is chocolate coated whole and has the juiciest interior. The Medjool is also very juicy but a bit firmer than the Mazafati. The Medjool is particularly fruity in taste. The Deglet Nour is relatively firm in consistency and therefore has a delicious bite.

In addition to our delightful date specialties, you can also buy various types of fresh as well as dried dates at Narafood.

1. Chocolate dates organic - Medjool

One of the largest existing varieties we have wrapped for our organic chocolate medjool in tart chocolate. Here, the chocolateiness takes a back seat to the luscious, fruity-sweet flesh of the date, adding a subtle tart note to the intense caramel flavor of the Medjool.

2. Chocolate Dates Organic - Mazafati

The shiny black Iranian Mazafati variety is famous for its creamy, extremely sweet interior. Mazafati are considered the chocolates among dates. So it's only natural to take this epithet literally and give the delicious fruit a fine chocolate melt.

3. Chocolate dates organic - Deglet Nour

Finer, smaller and milder than the Medjool is the Tunisian variety Deglet-Noor. Our chocolate Deglet Nour have bite, and their honey-like sweetness is well balanced by the noble bitter cacao liquor.

Why we use raw dark chocolate.

Don't be fooled by the word "chocolate." Although it is commonly understood to mean the commercially available sweet product made from whole milk, sugar and other ingredients, we mean chocolate in its original sense: the contents of the cacao pods, including cacao butter and cacao beans. Since we are talking about raw chocolate here, the beans are also not roasted and heated to high temperatures. Why is that?

1. sugar-sweet dates do not need extra sugar: dates, in and of themselves a real treat, are among the sweetest fruits on earth. If we coat them in chocolate, it's certainly not to make them even sweeter. What we love so much about chocolate dates is this ingenious combination that our palatable, sweet dates make with the tart, sophisticated flavor of cacao. And they do it best with raw, unsweetened chocolate.

2. raw, vegan and pure pleases body and earth: Clearly, not only the dates, but also our body is less happy about a dose of refined sugar. Especially because the chocolate dates are still sugary even without. Due to the natural, gentle processing, valuable ingredients are also preserved in the cocoa mass, which would otherwise be lost through roasting and heating. And last but not least, this recipe conserves resources - in addition to saving electricity and water, no animals have to suffer for this treat.

3. less is more: we are minimalists on principle, and you can see that not only in our packaging. Why, we ask ourselves, make things complicated when they're just that much better? We like to understand and taste what we are eating. Anyone who has tasted our simple, yet delicious specialties will understand what we mean.

Make yourself and others happy with dates in chocolate

We can't think of a better gift than these deliciously sweet chocolate-covered desert fruits. If it is to be noble, tasty and of high quality, then chocolate dates are a must. And according to experience, there's nothing to stop you from making yourself a little thank-you gift with them. A pretty fruit plate with oranges and bananas, nuts and chocolate dates, for example, is what we have in mind. Or a muesli with a chocolatey-fruity surprise. But the delicious fruits also make a great garnish on cakes and pies when baking - be eager to experiment with recipes!

Buy our delicious chocolate dates online now and enjoy!

Long story short, our chocolate dates are a must-try. They come in a fine 100g jar and taste best when stored in a cool place. Just test them!