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Orangen Bio
Organic oranges
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Grapefruits organic
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Our organic oranges and organic grapefruits from permaculture

With our company NaraFood we have specialized in particular in the trade with fresh organic dates. The quality of the fruits as well as the ecological-sustainable cultivation always have top priority for us. With our Persian Mazafati dates we also support a permaculture project, which we see as an absolute showcase for organic farming. On the farm in the Bam region, located in the south of Iran at an altitude of about 1000 m, the cycles of nature have been extensively studied and imitated, thus creating a perfectly functioning ecosystem. During our annual visits to the farm, we have been able to learn an incredible amount about this most sustainable form of agriculture.

Citrus fruits and dates in permaculture

And this is where the oranges and grapefruits come in. You see, they have a very special significance in the ecosystem of the Palm Garden. While the date palms lay their branches protectively over the smaller citrus trees on cold winter days, when one can certainly expect frosty temperatures on the Bams plateau, the citrus trees also have a valuable benefit in return. The scents emitted by the trees naturally repel insects and vermin, keeping unwanted predators away from the dates.

The palm garden is also enriched by purple flowering lupines, clover and grasses, which loosen the soil through their root systems, fix nitrogen in the soil and improve the humus layer. The grasses also serve as a source of fodder for sheep, goats and donkeys, which are allowed to graze in the shade of the citrus trees and date palms.

Once a year and only for a short time

We are thrilled by the symbiosis that develops within this garden between the various plants and animals. We have therefore decided to include the oranges and grapefruits of the permaculture plantation in our assortment - not only because of their wonderful taste - and thus reflect the mixed culture of sustainable agriculture. We get the fresh citrus fruits only once a year and therefore we can offer them only for a short time and in limited quantities.

Three cold nights...

...are needed, according to our farmer in Iran, before the oranges and grapefruits can finally be harvested. The cold is necessary for the fruit to develop its juicy sweetness and full, intense flavor.

These oranges and grapefruits are ancient varieties which, in contrast to most European varieties, have not been grown seedless or even seedless at the expense of flavor. Harvested when ripe, the bright yellow and orange fruits have an aroma that immediately makes you go into raptures... the best thing is to simply taste it.

100% organic, sustainable and fair

The fruits are completely natural and are not waxed or otherwise treated after harvesting - they end up in the carton directly after picking. Thus, even the skin of the fruits is perfectly suitable for further processing in cooking.

We maintain close personal contact with the farmer of our permaculture plantation and his family and visit them regularly, often around the time of the date harvest. The personal contact is for us the safest way to guarantee a 100% organic, sustainable and fair cultivation of the products for our customers.