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Mazafati Bio Datteln Mazafati Bio Datteln
Mazafati organic dates
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Schokodatteln Bio - Mazafati Schokodatteln Bio - Mazafati
Organic chocolate dates - Mazafati
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Mazafati Bio Datteln, 7.2 kg Mazafati Bio Datteln, 7.2 kg
Mazafati organic dates, 7.2 kg
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Mazafati Bio Datteln, entsteint
Mazafati organic dates, pitted
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Mazafati dates

Small, roundish, dark brown or almost black and with a creamy soft flesh: these are Mazafati dates. We always like to refer to this fine variety as the "praline" among dates. The dark skin is somewhat firmer on the outside, while the flesh underneath is all the more tender. The Mazafati organic dates are our personal recommendation from the wide range of dates.

Buy fresh Mazafati dates from NaraFood

Our fresh Mazafati dates impress with their creamy consistency and their fine, aromatic-sweet taste and are also certified organic. The organic certification according to EU standards ensures that no chemical fertilizers or pesticides are used in cultivation. This keeps the soil healthy and fertile, the ecosystem intact and we as consumers can be sure that we are not ingesting any harmful chemicals into our bodies with these Mazafati Organic Dates.

However, even more important to us than organic certification on paper is personal contact with our date farmer. Our Mazafati organic dates come from the Iranian region of Bam and during our regular visits there we are always pleased to note: the fruits grow there in what are probably the most beautiful palm gardens in the country.

Traditional organic cultivation of dates in Iran

The cultivation of dates in Iran has always been an important part of the culture. The plantation of our farmer is maintained by the family according to centuries-old traditions and fertilized exclusively with the help of self-produced compost. Besides date palms, a variety of different plants and grasses grow there, supporting each other in growth and thus ensuring a healthy ecosystem.

Order Mazafati dates online

In our online store you can buy these first-class, certified organic Mazafati dates. Thanks to proper storage, the fruit is available from us in fresh quality all year round. Our dates are also available in selected organic and delicatessen stores. For more information, please contact us.