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Dried fruit



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Mango-Streifen, getrocknet
Mango strips, dried
Sale priceFrom 3,49 €
3,49 € /100g
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Feigen Bio, getrocknet Figs organic, dried
Figs organic, dried
Sale priceFrom 4,99 €
19,96 € /kg
Aprikosen Bio, dunkel und getrocknet
Apricots organic, dark and dried
Sale priceFrom 3,49 €
2,33 € /100g
Maulbeeren Bio, weiß Maulbeeren Bio, weiß
Organic mulberries, white
Sale priceFrom 2,29 €
2,29 € /100g
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Grüne Rosinen Premium Bio, Rohkost
Green Raisins Premium Organic, Raw Food
Sale priceFrom 4,99 €
2,50 € /100g
Maulbeeren Bio, schwarz
Organic mulberries, black
Sale priceFrom 2,99 €
25,98 € /kg

Dried fruit shipping: quality you can taste

Attention, now it's getting fruity! And that's with every bag of dried fruit from NaraFood. The delicious snack is not only unsweetened, but also by far richer in valuable ingredients than chocolate, cookies and Co. Because we attach importance to the fact that our dried fruit shipping is purely organic. You are totally on the taste of the date and now it is exactly your world? Then we have something in common. In our store you will find a good dose of vitamins and the full flavors that are in the tasty fruit.

Easy to order dried fruit online

However, the fruit is not only suitable for in-between meals. It's great to use in your own created eco-muesli. Add your favorite fruit, such as a few berries (cranberries, mulberries, raspberries, etc.) and the high-quality breakfast is ready. You can also snack on them with your tea. Of course, the dried ingredients are still the most digestible unsulphured. Before ordering the dried fruits online, it is best to pay attention to the description. If you are unsure, feel free to contact us.

What sugar means for our life

Sugar is a substance that the human organism needs. However, not in masses and certainly not in the form of sweets in vast quantities. This not only promotes obesity, but also endangers health. So do without it completely? Better not! But you can take up the sweet component differently. Almost every fruit contains glucose (simple sugar), which provides the body with energy. Our brain alone needs about 130-140 grams of it every day. Of course, the loss must be made up for. You can regulate exactly this process with dried fruit.

Just try the mix!

Fancy something new? Take advantage of our dried fruit shipping and have your favorite varieties sent to you in various fill quantities:

  • 0.1 kg (100 grams)
  • 0.2 kg (200 grams)
  • 0.25 kg (250 grams)
  • 0.75 kg (750 grams)

Sweeten your everyday life

Fresh fruit is healthy. Of course, our grandparents and great-grandparents already knew that. But knowledge alone is not always enough. The trick is rather to integrate nutrition into everyday life. Especially in stressful situations, people forget their good intentions. In such cases, it is more than disadvantageous that fresh food only keeps for a short time. A second negative point is the transport, because fruit or fruits are usually packed unwieldy. In addition, bitten fruits must be eaten, otherwise they quickly become stale and inedible.

Dried fruit shipping has the advantage that the contents of the packages have a longer shelf life and the bags can be easily stowed in any bag or pocket. But the best thing is that you don't have to store the dried fruit in the refrigerator. You can put it in front of you on your desk, dashboard or near your workspace. This way you lower the possibility of forgetting it.

Even tough guys and tough gals snack on it

According to some studies, dried fruits support important processes in the body. In 2003, the British Journal of Nutrition examined, among other things, tartaric acid and fiber effects of naturally dried raisins on intestinal function. For this purpose, study participants consumed 120 grams of raisins or 5 grams of tartaric acid (both have approximately the same weighting) every day for two months. In the result of the investigation the raisin group showed that with the consumption a risk of intestine cancer can be reduced clearly.

The sporty supplement in banana chips, raisins and the fruit colleagues is in addition full of valuable building materials and strength-giving vitamins. Air-dried or freeze-dried: Fruits and fruit, like protein, carbohydrates, spices, trace elements, etc., are increasingly being integrated into sports nutrition. The background is that muscle building is supported. In addition, the small meals for in between release endorphins (also called "happiness hormones"). The vegan dried fruits dispatch brings you many advantages directly to your home.