Our partners and friends are invaluable to us. With them we share not only a vision, but also common values and a passion for first-class organic products. Their expertise and commitment are indispensable for the high quality of the products. We are proud to work with them and together we set standards for sustainable cultivation and dreamlike taste.

Yusuf and Emilia

Berlin markets

Since spring 2020, Nara can also be found at some of Berlin's weekly markets. Emilia and Yusuf present a wide range of different organic dates and date specialties at their lovingly decorated stands. At the market stall you can try the fruits, taste the subtle differences between the date varieties and get detailed advice from the two on all questions about dates.

If you are in Berlin - no matter if for a short or long time - our tip is: Visit Emilia and Yusuf at the markets! :)

OEL Berlin

The pillar of Greece

The thinkers and doers behind OEL are Amadeus Soterios Tzamouranis, a Berlin-born half-Greek with deep family roots in Greece as well as a wealth of experience in agriculture, and Simone Artale, a Rome-born theologian who loves art and is interested in photography, graphics and media.

Herbalist Mother Earth

Tea from whole leaves

The garden of the herb farm is located in the southern Black Forest at an altitude of 450 meters. Here Bettina and Marc grow about 50 different herbs according to controlled organic guidelines. Only the labor-intensive, pure manual work makes it possible to achieve herbs in the exceptional whole-leaf quality. To extend the variety of flavors of the teas, lemon balm, Indian holy basil or orange mint thrive. But even old favorites like lemon balm or thyme can be rediscovered thanks to the unique whole-leaf aroma.


Chocolate from Ecuador

Kallari is a smallholder cooperative of Kichwa families in Ecuador's Amazon lowlands, who cultivate traditional crops and cacao in their forest gardens, the so-called chakras, using sustainable and naturally ecological methods. The fruits from these species-rich mixed and permaculture gardens can also be found in the chocolate bars: the "Kallari" fine cocoa chocolates are available in 8 different flavors - including banana, coffee, pineapple, lemongrass and ginger.

Café Kogi

Coffee from the jungle

This is the finest, full-bodied, creamy and low-acid Arabica highland coffee from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia. The forest coffee grows at 1100 - 1700 m above sea level and is harvested by hand by the indigenous peoples of the Kogi and Arhuaco. The three different coffee varieties consist mainly of Arabica Tipica with small amounts of Arabica Caturra and Arabica Bourbon. New breeds or hybrids are not included.


Chocolates from fine Medjool dates

The start-up djoon from Munich uses our Medjool dates to make the finest date chocolates. We are very pleased to be able to offer these little delicacies in our store.

The djoon chocolates are available with four delicious fillings: Salted Peanut, Raspberry Cream, Roasted Almond and Espresso Crunch.


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