Here we would like to give an insight into the fundamental principles and values that form the basis for everything we do at Nara. Our philosophy includes, among others, the areas of fairness, organic quality and direct cooperation, which we would like to explain in more detail below.

Why we work organic, sustainable and fair?

Our decision to work organically, sustainably and fairly is based on our personal experiences and values. Growing up in an "eco" conscious environment, we have found time and time again that organically sustainably grown food is of higher quality than conventional produce.

For us, however, sustainability means more than just product quality. We also place great importance on ensuring fair prices for our producers and farmers. We strive for direct and friendly relationships with our partners and enjoy working with people who share our passion for healthy food.

Together, we are committed to projects that change farming methods and purchasing behavior and lead to positive changes in our society. Through our approach to life and values, we aim to set standards and make a positive impact on our society.

Agriculture based on the principles of organic farming is not only a matter of sustainability, but also of responsibility towards future generations.

Vandana Shiva

Fair, organic and direct.

What is different about organic dates?

Organically grown dates are a true blessing of nature. They are cultivated without the use of chemical pesticides, synthetic fertilizers or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Instead, natural methods are used to promote plant health and soil fertility.

Furthermore, organic dates ripen naturally on the palm tree and are not preserved by fumigation or other chemical processes after harvest!

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