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Vinegar and oil



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Dattel Balsamico Essig Bio, Rohkost Dattel Balsamico Essig Bio, Rohkost
Date Balsamic Vinegar Organic, Raw Food
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Bio Demeter Olivenöl - Nativ Extra, Rohkost, 750 ml Bio Demeter Olivenöl - Nativ Extra, Rohkost, 750 ml
Organic Olive Oil - Extra Virgin, Crude Organic Olive Oil - Extra Virgin, Crude
Organic Olive Oil - Extra Virgin, Crude
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Organic Olive Oil - Extra Virgin, Raw, Natural Cloudy (on pre-order)
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Balsamico und Olivenöl Set Balsamico und Olivenöl Set
Balsamico und Olivenöl Set
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A balsamic vinegar made from the finest Mazafati dates.

Our organic date balsamic vinegar in raw food quality has a mild acidity and a fine, round sweetness. A noble drop that adds a whole new nuance to the selection of exquisite balsamic vinegar we are familiar with. Visually, our date balsamic vinegar is only slightly lighter in color, and beyond that, it is no different from classic balsamic: a dark caramel shimmering liquid that collects in the spoon in a deep brown hue. However, the taste turns out much milder and velvety than the products obtained from grapes. Even when smelling the product, the first thing that comes to the nose is not the acidity, but the sweetness of the date surrounding it. A true gourmet product with international provenance.

We love to use the date balsamic vinegar for all kinds of salads. However, you can also use the vinegar's balanced, sweet-tart flavor to flavor soups, sauces and stews.

What makes our high-quality date balsamic vinegar so special?

Our date balsamic vinegar is produced by a small company in Iran. Our producers spent several years in northern Italy, in the area near Modena, where they learned about Aceto Balsamico di Modena and studied its production process.

Inspired by this, they brought the recipe back to Iran to create a unique product that combines the traditions of the Iranian homeland with those of Italian haute cuisine. Fresh Mazafati dates are thus processed into a pulpy mass and elaborately thickened, fermented and stored in oak barrels for several years to mature. It is to this process that the finished product owes its exquisite fruity sweetness, but also the tannins it contains, i.e. tannins and other essences from the wood of the barrels.

In addition to our delightful date specialties, you can also buy various kinds of fresh as well as dried dates at Narafood.

The perfect complement to our date balsamic vinegar: Olive oil from OEL Berlin

The olive oil from OEL Berlin is pressed from 100% Koroneiki olives. These grow and thrive on OEL Berlin's own certified organic trees in Kalamata, Greece. Taste-wise, it is among the best olive oils we have ever tasted. So we chose it as the perfect partner for our date balsamic vinegar. With date balsamic vinegar and OEL you can create a delicious dressing for any salad in no time!