Dattel Balsamico Essig Bio, Rohkost
Dattel Balsamico Essig Bio, Rohkost

Date Balsamic Vinegar Organic, Raw Food

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Organic date balsamic vinegar: Oriental-Mediterranean fusion cuisine for gourmets.

Intensely lingering acidity, gently wrapped in a warm, round sweetness characterizes our Organic Date Balsamic Vinegar. A noble drop, which extends the selection of exquisite balsamic vinegar known to us by a completely new nuance. Visually, our date balsamic is only slightly lighter in color and, moreover, does not differ from the classic balsamic: a golden to dark caramel shimmering liquid that collects in the spoon in a deep brown shade. The taste, however, is much milder and velvety than that of products made from grapes, which is precisely what makes it so appealing. Already at an olfactory tasting, it is not the acidity that first rises to the nose here, but the sweetness of the date surrounding it. A true gourmet product with international provenance.

What makes our high-quality date balsamic so special?

Unlike today's white vinegars, vinegar made from dates has a long tradition dating back many millennia. It is likely that grape vinegar also originated later. While hardly any alcoholic products are fermented from dates for religious reasons, vinegar has always been made from date syrup or palm juice. Leading producing countries today are Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Our date balsamic vinegar is also produced by a small company in Iran, but with a pioneering feature: our producers spent several years in northern Italy in the area near Modena, where they got to know Aceto Balsamico di Modena and studied its production process. Inspired by this, they brought the recipe back to Iran to create a unique product that combines the traditions of the Iranian homeland with those of Italian haute cuisine. Fresh Mazafati dates are thus processed into a pulpy mass and elaborately thickened, fermented and stored in oak barrels for several years to mature. It is to this process that the finished product owes its exquisite fruity sweetness, but also the tannins it contains, i.e. tannins and other essences from the wood of the barrels.

Date vinegar: natural pleasure not only for the palate

As befits good vinegar, date vinegar consists of exactly one ingredient, namely organically grown dates. The rest is done by sun and time, heat, fermentation and storage. A product could hardly be more natural. Due to an acidity of 3.5% and natural fructose, the vinegar has a long shelf life, tannins from the storage process prevent oxidation, and the full-bodied sweetness is owed exclusively to its starting product, date syrup.

Date balsamic vinegar for that certain something not only on the plate

Without a doubt, our date vinegar is a drop that offers a real pleasure even pure. To whom the idea of drinking vinegar seems unfamiliar, may know that already the Romans appreciated grape vinegar diluted with water under the name "Posca" as a refreshing drink. In Iran, a drink made from date vinegar, mint and honey is still popular today. But it is also the world of upscale bars and clubs that vinegar has found its way into, where it regularly helps creative bartenders win prizes at cocktail competitions. Why not make a good cocktail at home with date balsamic? But drinks aside: the classic area of application remains the wide field of salads and cold platters, on which our balsam provides the final twist and rounds off every conceivable variation with a fine tartness. It looks great in combination with fruit and cheese, for example in a summery recipe for a fruity watermelon salad with goat cheese and mint. In Iranian cuisine, however, date vinegar is also used for marinades and to deglaze fried foods, proving that basically only one rule applies, which is: anything goes.

Organic date balsamic vinegar order online now and be convinced

Nara Date Balsamico contains 88 calories per hundred grams, no detectable alcohol and is therefore halal and a vegan natural product. One bottle has a shelf life of two years.

Customer Reviews

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Michaela Kühnert
sehr gut

eine besondere Sprezialität für alles was gut schmeckt: Salate, Saucen und auch Süßspeisen

Lisbeth Straub

Sehr lecker

Anette Seyer-Klein
Passt zu vielem, sehr bekömmlich

Habe den Dattelessig bisher nur herkömmlich zu Salten verwendet. Der Geschmack und das Aroma ist sehr gut, mit dem passenden Olivenöl rundet sich das ganze hervorragend ab. Habe ihn zu Weihnachten mehrfach in der Familie verschenkt.

Sigrid Rosenfeldt
Alles super

Vielen Dank, schnelle Lieferung sehr guter Service superware! Ich bin sehr

Nina Fritz
Super leckerer Essig!

Schmeckt ausgezeichnet und passt hervorragend zu verschiedenen Salaten. Ein Must-have in jeder Küche!

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