The brand was founded in 2015 by Georg and Raphael. As a small, young family business from Bavaria, we dedicate ourselves with great devotion to the date. On the one hand a traditional, millennia-old delicacy, on the other superfood of tomorrow, we are always thrilled anew by the incredible versatility of this fruit, its almost infinite variety and its overwhelming, full-bodied sweetness.

We are a colorful team of eight, passionate about offering the best dates and enriching all of our daily lives with pleasure. Our ambition is to carefully select and lovingly process products - which we believe creates the fine and unique taste experience that is NaraFood.

From our sunny date havens to your home, we want you to share in this and experience the wonderful world of dates. Discover with us the different varieties of dates and enjoy with us the natural sweetness of life. Welcome to Nara!

What does Nara mean?

We are often asked what the meaning of our company name "Nara" is. During the naming process we came across several meanings, of which we liked the following best:

  • Arabic: fire or flame
  • Korean: country
  • Tibetan: sun or radiant
  • Sanskrit: human being, individual
  • hawaiian: story or tale
  • swahili: to rise or lift
  • lakota: to dance or move
  • k'iche' (maya): beautiful or pretty
  • english: the beloved
  • ancient greek: wisdom or teaching
  • tahitian: song or chant
  • tigrinya and celtic: joy or happiness

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