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Organic oranges

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Fresh and fair-trade organic oranges

Oranges: juicy and sweet, wonderfully refreshing and recognizable from afar by their scent - we simply love them, the bright orange fruit from the sunny south. And when they are organically grown, unsprayed and fairly traded, it takes our enjoyment to another level. We are used to these Mediterranean fruits being grown in monoculture plantations specifically for export, even in organic farming. This is where our dates come into play at NaraFood.

Dates and citrus fruits: a dream team not only on the plate...

Cultivating date palms together with citrus trees is a tradition on our farm. During our visits on site, we were amazed at the beautiful date gardens, where trees full of fragrant grapefruits and oranges grow in the shade of the palm trees. Donkeys and other animals roam through the grass and the purple flowering alfalfa below. This harmony is not only pretty to look at, but also has an enormous advantage for everyone involved: the essential oils in the leaves and peel of the citrus fruits keep pests away and make the pesticides used on conventional farms superfluous, as well as the frequent sorting out and burning of infested palms in organic crops. The organic grapefruits and oranges that grow here are the reason why the Mazafati dates from these gardens occupy the top spot in our ongoing quality controls. We were so excited by the discovery of this connection that we decided to offer these fruits, which are sustainable in the truest sense of the word, in our store too.

...but also: original oranges with a particularly refined aroma

In addition to their fascinating origins, these organic oranges also stand out for their taste. While most European varieties have been bred to be seedless or seedless at the expense of taste, these Iranian oranges have retained their originality. This is evident in their full-bodied, sweet flavor with a hint of fine acidity. Anyone who tries them will understand what we are talking about!

Vitamins galore for orange juice, orange cake or your daily portion of fruit

Hardly any other fruit contains as much vitamin C as the orange and tastes as delicious, if you think of other famous vitamin C suppliers such as sea buckthorn or rosehip. Depending on the size of the fruit, just two oranges are enough to cover an adult's daily vitamin C requirement. The vitamin not only ensures a functioning nervous and immune system in our body, but also supports iron absorption, our energy metabolism and the collagen formation of skin, teeth and bones. The vitamin, also known by its proper name ascorbic acid, also helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue.

Order seasonal, untreated organic oranges online now in our NaraFood store!

These oranges delight our eyes, our bodies, the date palms and, yes, even the donkeys in their shade. Above all, however, our palate is delighted with the delicious citrus fruit, whether freshly squeezed as juice for breakfast, in fine pastries, perhaps sweetened with date syrup, but especially pure, where they unfold their full, palatable-sweet aroma. Many reasons to buy our untreated organic oranges conveniently online right here in our store.

Recipes with our dates

Kartoffel-Lauch Suppe: Rezept mit Dattel-Nuss-Topping

Kartoffel-Lauch Suppe: Rezept mit Dattel-Nuss-Topping

Mit dieser feinen Kartoffel-Lauch-Suppe stillt man an kalten Tagen das Bedürfnis nach einer wärmenden Mahlzeit. Das knusprig süße Dattel-Nuss-Topping verleiht dem herzhaften Suppen-Klassiker einen ...
Dattel-Balsamico-Dressing für würzigen Tomaten-Salat mit Schalotten und Oliven

Dattel-Balsamico-Dressing für würzigen Tomaten-Salat mit Schalotten und Oliven

Ein köstlicher Sommer-Salat mit sonnengereiften Tomaten, Kräutern, Oliven und feinem Dattel Dressing mit unserem Dattel-Balsamico-Essig.
Dattelbutter serviert zu Tintenfisch mit Kichererbsen

Dattelbutter serviert zu Tintenfisch mit Kichererbsen

Eine bunte Mischung aus Tintenfisch, in der Pfanne scharf angebraten, mit etwas Knoblauch und Zitrone, dazu Kichererbsen und unsere süßliche Dattelbutter. Simpel und lecker!