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Date Cacao Nibs: vegan deliciousness behind which all pâtisserie pales.

Date Cacao Nibs from NaraFood are fine date pieces of the variety, coated in pure cocoa mass with coconut blossom sugar and then rolled in cocoa and coffee powder. Typical for the consistency of pure cocoa mass and the date variety Sayer used, this delicacy melts creamy and tender in the mouth. The combination of harmonious sweetness with slightly bitter cocoa provides a beguiling feast for the senses in our palates. There are five, strictly speaking only four ingredients of exquisite quality, which together outdo everything that the confectionery shelf usually has to offer. So simple, so noble, so good!

100% chocolate, without dairy products and other additives: this is how the pure cocoa mass of our date snacks is created.

We use pure cocoa mass in many of our products, mostly to coat our dates. We do this primarily because we find that the tart, bitter aroma of pure cocoa is the ideal counterpart to the intense sweetness of many date varieties. In addition, the production of cocoa mass fits in with our ideal of the simplest, most unprocessed food possible.

Cocoa beans, which grow in large pods on low trees, are freed from the pod after harvesting and piled in heaps to ferment, wrapped in leaves, for between five and seven days. During fermentation, the typical chocolate flavor and brown color are formed. Before that, the beans are almost white on the outside and purple on the inside, did you know?

Cocoa - the tastiest fermentation product that macrobiotics has to offer

The fermented beans are now dried and then roasted. During roasting, the beguiling chocolatey aroma of the cocoa is intensified many times over. This is followed by grinding. The resulting paste is a valuable macrobiotic product, pure and without having been split into individual components. An absolutely worthy partner for our dates, in our opinion.

Dates, cocoa, coconut and coffee: four superfoods of the South gathered in one praline.

All ingredients of this delicacy made of dates, coconut, fair trade coffee and cocoa come from controlled organic cultivation. Without refined sugar, dairy products and other additives, but ingredients of the highest quality: this is our idea of pleasure. What we save on the variety of ingredients we can spend on quality, and we are happy to do so. In this way, we do something good both for our bodies and for our earth. Both are spared industrial additives or farm poisons. Our date cocoa nibs are proof that responsibility does not mean giving up enjoyment, but that, conversely, it is in the omission that true enjoyment first emerges.

Date cocoa confectionery without industrial sugar and animal products now order online in the store and enjoy pure!

For those who enjoy sweet, but refined, our date cocoa nibs are just right. A few nibs, in addition to the afternoon tea or coffee, give us momentum again and sweeten the day. Plus, we think there's hardly anything finer than this confection to return a favor or give someone a classy gift. But what are we talking about here - just store online and try it! If that's not enough for you - we also have chocolate dates in our selection. Besides our delightful date specialties with cocoa and chocolate, you can also buy various kinds of fresh as well as dried dates at Narafood.

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Kartoffel-Lauch Suppe: Rezept mit Dattel-Nuss-Topping

Mit dieser feinen Kartoffel-Lauch-Suppe stillt man an kalten Tagen das Bedürfnis nach einer wärmenden Mahlzeit. Das knusprig süße Dattel-Nuss-Topping verleiht dem herzhaften Suppen-Klassiker einen ...
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Dattel-Balsamico-Dressing für würzigen Tomaten-Salat mit Schalotten und Oliven

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Dattelbutter serviert zu Tintenfisch mit Kichererbsen

Dattelbutter serviert zu Tintenfisch mit Kichererbsen

Eine bunte Mischung aus Tintenfisch, in der Pfanne scharf angebraten, mit etwas Knoblauch und Zitrone, dazu Kichererbsen und unsere süßliche Dattelbutter. Simpel und lecker!