About us

Nara was founded in 2015 by my dad (Georg Huber) and me (Raphael Huber). It is our aim to import natural and delicate foods to Europe and Germany. This concept came in mind, when I came back home from a backpacking in Jordan, having one box of dates with me. We never had comparable dates of such high quality and taste before!

We were fascinated and the idea was born.

As a result of us living on the countryside and getting our groceries from organic farms in the surrounding, it is very important for us to import products that are naturally grown. We want to get high quality and at the same time we want the farmers to receive a fair income. We love to have friendly and enriching relationships to our business partners and we love working together with people, having the same attitude and passion for high-quality and healthy foods.

Often we are asked what “Nara” actually means. The name has its origin in different countries and also has different meanings. Such as:

Arabic               Fire and burning

Korean              Country

Mongolian         Sun

Japanese         Oak Tree