Bio Orangen und Grapefruits aus Permakultur

Organic oranges and grapefruits from permaculture

Once a year we receive a small amount of deliciously aromatic oranges and grapefruits directly from our Persian permaculture date farmer.

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Once a year, between mid-December and the end of January, we receive a delivery of fresh oranges and grapefruits from our Persian date farmer from his permaculture palm garden. This garden, from which we also get our Mazafati dates, is located in the south of Iran, near the city of Bam, and is about 1000m above sea level.

Dates and citrus fruits are the perfect mixed crop and benefit each other wonderfully: the fruits grow in trees directly under the date palms. On cold nights, the citrus trees are thus protected from freezing by the date palms. In turn, the citrus fruits naturally keep insects away from the date palms and their fruits with the scents they secrete.

datteln und Zitrusfrüchte in Permakultur

Ancient varieties with so much flavor!

According to our farmer, it takes three cold winter nights for the fruit to develop its delicate sweetness and particularly full, intense aroma - only then are they harvested. While most European oranges have been cultivated seedless or seedless at the expense of taste, our Persian Zirus fruits have retained their originality - and with it their unique, full-bodied and intensely fruity aroma.

The oranges are relatively small and have quite a few seeds - but in return, every drop of juicy flesh contains an extra portion of intensely fruity aroma and a wonderful natural sweetness!

Grapefruits have partly pink, partly yellow flesh - you don't know until you cut them open. They are not bitter and, like oranges, have a great, intense aroma and a fruity, invigorating acidity.

Bio Orangen und Grapefruits

About packaging and storage

After harvesting, the fruits are packed individually in small plastic bags and arrive to us that way. This is not ideal from the point of view of sustainability, but it has many advantages: the fruits keep for an amazingly long time and retain their wonderful aroma. And if a fruit does start to go moldy (which can happen with ripe, completely untreated organic oranges), we can remove it from the crate in its bag without harming the other fruit.

We recommend that you leave the fruit in the bags until shortly before consumption and store them in a cool place at 2°C - 8°C. This way, the fruit can be stored for about 4-8 days. This way you can keep the fruits well for about 4-8 weeks.

If you have any further questions about the fruits, please feel free to contact us at any time. We wish you much pleasure :)

It's that time again! - Fruits from the current harvest

This morning our Persian oranges and grapefruits arrived. We have already cut open and tasted the first fruits, they taste wonderful!

We are happy to be able to support the sustainable agriculture of this date plantation with the sale of the wonderfully sweet, aromatic fruits.

>> The organic oranges and organic grapefruits are only available once a year for 2-3 weeks and only in limited quantities.
Order in time not to miss the wonderful aromatic fruits!