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Sayer Bio Datteln, entsteint Sayer Bio Datteln, entsteint
Organic Sayer dates, pitted
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Sayer dates

Sayer dates - the natural alternative to high, industrial sugar

Now it`s getting tasty! With the Sayer dates. For many connoisseurs, dates are part of breakfast. Dried or fresh, they are also eaten as a snack after sports.

Where do the "premium raisins" come from?

The date is grown in different varieties in several countries. Their home countries include Egypt, India, Iran and Saudi Arabia. A small portion is also grown in Europe, which allows for shorter delivery to customers. The method of drying and packaging is one of the most careful preparations of food.

NaraFood as a date supplier

Depending on the requirements, Sayer dates (without stone) can be ordered with different weights. For example:

  • 500 g

  • 5 kg

Your order (prices of the kg incl. VAT) will be processed by us after your order and will be sent to you in the fastest way.

Find your favorite

Get a detailed overview of the most important data in the date product area. You love it sweet? Then we invite you to try our Medjool dates. They are also known as "king dates" or "bread of the desert" and are, just like the Sayer dates, a great nutritional supplement with their approx. 276 kcal per fruit.

Did you know that there are about 1,500 date varieties known worldwide? Here you will find a selection of the most popular ones.