Sayer Bio Datteln, entsteint
Sayer Bio Datteln, entsteint

Organic Sayer dates, pitted

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  • Country of origin: Iran

  • Taste: kramellig and süß

  • Consistency: bissfest and halbtrocken

  • Storage: Kühl und trocken

  • Inspiration: Energiereserven auffüllen, ins Müsli schnibbeln

Sayer organic dates: spicy-sweet all-rounders

A deep, full sweetness and a sticky, crumbly, chewy crunch like brownies: Sayer organic dates are a bestseller. The versatile dried fruit is known by several names - Siar, Estemaran, Stamara, Saamaran or Samberun are the names of the dark brown dates with the amber sheen, which are mainly cultivated in the province of Kuzhestan and account for up to 70% of the date harvest. Due to their classic characteristics, easy handling and good shelf life, they are also in demand internationally alongside the shiny black Mazafati desert dates.

How do Sayer dates differ from other varieties such as Deglet Nour and others?

With several hundred varieties of dates worldwide, it's easy to lose track. This raises the question of what distinguishes Sayer dates from other varieties. The question is particularly justified with regard to Deglet Nour, which, like Sayer or the particularly firm Rabbi, fall into the category of dry dates.

The golden-yellow, elongated Deglet Nour, which is one of the best-known varieties in this country, comes from the Maghreb and differs from the smaller, more oval-shaped and darker Sayer not only in appearance. While the consistency can certainly be compared - Deglet Nour a little stickier, Sayer a little more crumbly - it is above all the taste and sweetness that make the difference: compared to the delicate, honey-like sweetness of Deglet Nour, Sayer organic dates have an intense, full sweetness with a complex, deeply spicy aroma that leaves nothing to be desired.

Dried fruit instead of chocolate: choose Sayer!

A flavor that is - of course - best enjoyed pure. If you find the gigantic, buttery, sticky Medjool or similar fresh dates a little too much of a good thing, Sayer is the perfect snack for between meals. Not only do the small fruits fit perfectly on the saucer of a demitasse cup - we can't think of anything more delicious to sweeten a coffee break than these dates. Their full flavor reliably satisfies any craving for sweets and is far better for us than conventional snacks.

Versatility olé: dried dates for a thousand and one recipes

Whether chopped, in one piece or halved - Sayer dates are easy and versatile to use in the kitchen. The whole fruits are great for stuffing and chocolate coating. Traditional fillings include walnuts and other types of nuts, candied fruit such as orange peel and ginger, as well as spicy cream cheese made from sheep's or goat's milk with fresh herbs. Plain, Sayer dates replace the extra piece of chocolate on delicious fruit platters and, chopped, give summer and barbecue salads a refined, sweet kick. And halved, they look great as a decoration on cakes, cookies and pastries.

Insider tip: Chopped dates instead of chocolate chips and chunks

As mentioned above, Sayer organic dates are ideal as a chocolate substitute because of their great flavor. The perfect place to use them is in cakes and pastries. Once chopped, the dates are indistinguishable from chocolate in terms of taste and appearance for the uninitiated. Because Iranian dates not only like to grow next to citrus fruits - which are traditionally planted in date groves in Iran - but also harmonize fantastically in terms of taste, why not try this combination in a lemon cake or orange cookies - a stunning result is guaranteed!

Dried dates: sweeter than sugar and full of nutrients

What's in dried dates and what's not? NaraFood dates are grown on organic farms and do not come into contact with artificial fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, irradiation and other chemical products commonly used in conventional food production, either on the palm or after harvest. In addition, our dates are not coated with sugar syrup to affect their appearance, shelf life and taste, as is often the case in supermarkets. NaraFood dates are naturally sweet: this is due to their high fructose content, which amounts to almost 70% in dried dates and, in addition to a respectable calorie balance of approx. 290 kcal per hundred grams, is also responsible for the energy boost that dates provide us with. This is one reason why dried fruit is so popular with athletes, students and other "brain workers". The second reason could be that dates are rich in the minerals potassium and copper. Both substances support the nervous system, copper also supports our immune system and connective tissue, while potassium plays a role for our muscles that should not be underestimated. So if you enjoy dates in moderation, you are not only doing something good for your inner gourmet, but also for your whole body.

Buy Sayer organic dates online

Snacking, cooking and baking without a guilty conscience: the aromatically sweet Sayer dates make it possible. Stored in a dry, not too warm place, the dried fruit will keep for around a year. Although - who has that much discipline? Try them now and order the delicious organic dates online in the store! In addition to Sayer, Mazafati or Deglet Nour, you can buy a variety of other dates in our store.

Recipes with our dates

Kartoffel-Lauch Suppe: Rezept mit Dattel-Nuss-Topping

Kartoffel-Lauch Suppe: Rezept mit Dattel-Nuss-Topping

Mit dieser feinen Kartoffel-Lauch-Suppe stillt man an kalten Tagen das Bedürfnis nach einer wärmenden Mahlzeit. Das knusprig süße Dattel-Nuss-Topping verleiht dem herzhaften Suppen-Klassiker einen ...
Dattel-Balsamico-Dressing für würzigen Tomaten-Salat mit Schalotten und Oliven

Dattel-Balsamico-Dressing für würzigen Tomaten-Salat mit Schalotten und Oliven

Ein köstlicher Sommer-Salat mit sonnengereiften Tomaten, Kräutern, Oliven und feinem Dattel Dressing mit unserem Dattel-Balsamico-Essig.
Dattelbutter serviert zu Tintenfisch mit Kichererbsen

Dattelbutter serviert zu Tintenfisch mit Kichererbsen

Eine bunte Mischung aus Tintenfisch, in der Pfanne scharf angebraten, mit etwas Knoblauch und Zitrone, dazu Kichererbsen und unsere süßliche Dattelbutter. Simpel und lecker!