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Almonds Premium Organic, raw food

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Organic almonds from the south of Italy

We like to use almonds as a crunchy filling for our dates. In no time at all, you have a delicious snack that provides your body with plenty of energy. What's more, the small, sweet and nutty kernels are a real miracle weapon for the body and have a range of health-promoting properties. Almonds are rich in high-quality protein and contain many unsaturated fatty acids, minerals such as magnesium, calcium and copper as well as large amounts of vitamins of groups B and E. They also strengthen the bones and lower cholesterol levels. In an article by the Zentrum für Gesundheit ("Almonds: Only 60 grams a day protect our health!", October 2019), the positive properties of almonds are further explained and substantiated by numerous studies.

If you are still looking for inspiration for baking and cooking with almonds, you should take a look at our recipe collection. We have a number of recipes with almonds, including haloua with dates and delicious date and almond macaroons.

Valdibella - a cooperative of Sicilian farmers

Our almonds come from Camporeale, an area in the west of the Sicilian island, where they are grown by the Validbella cooperative. At Valdibella, the cultivation of almonds is an important part of the holistic approach taken by the cooperative's farmers. The preservation of traditions and culture, sustainable organic farming, respectful treatment of the soil and social commitment play an equally important role in the project, whose vision goes far beyond organic farming.

Traditional agriculture in Sicily

Preserving old traditions is part of the philosophy of the farmers who came together in 1998 to form the Valdibella cooperative. The community has therefore specialized in the cultivation of three fruits that have always been grown with great success in the region around Camporeale: Wine, olives and almonds.

Of course, organic farming is also part of the tradition and the use of artificial fertilizers and pesticides is therefore strictly avoided. However, that is not all. "To grow organically today, you have to have the soul of a researcher," say the Valdibella farmers. The soil is alive and always in motion, which is why the working methods in organic farming must be constantly questioned and adapted. The same naturally applies to food processing. Valdibella is particularly known for innovation in the field of organic viticulture.

Social commitment in organic farming

Social commitment to young people from difficult family backgrounds has always been a part of Valdibella. Also in the area around Camporeale, the Itaca project was founded in the 1970s, which works to reintegrate young people into society. The members of both projects soon recognized the benefits of working together. The Valdibella farmers undertake to involve young people in the work in the fields. The young people thus have a regulated working environment and the opportunity to learn all about organic farming, while the farmers can count on the active support of the young people.

The farmers of Valdibella were also among the first to join the Addiopiazzo movement. Addiopiazzo is a protest movement against the extortion of protection money by the Italian mafia. Since Addiopiazzo was founded in 2004, more and more traders, restaurateurs and businesspeople have joined forces to ensure a "clean" economy in the region.

Organic almonds with a background

One of Valdibella's most important guiding principles is to move away from a price-driven food industry and once again seek personal contact and exchange with customers and traders. This is also part of Nara's philosophy. We are therefore delighted to be able to offer almonds from Valdibella.

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