Café Kogi "Zhigoneshi" – Espressoröstung
Café Kogi "Zhigoneshi" – Espressoröstung
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Café Kogi "Zhigoneshi" - espresso roast

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Café Kogi

This is the finest, full-bodied, creamy and low-acid Arabica highland coffee from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia. The forest coffee grows at 1100 - 1700 m above sea level and is harvested by hand by the indigenous peoples of the Kogi and Arhuaco. The three different coffee varieties consist mainly of Arabica Tipica with small amounts of Arabica Caturra and Arabica Bourbon. New breeds or hybrids are not included. Coffee grows almost wild in the forests and yields very little, but the aroma is more concentrated and intense. Over the course of decades, the coffee trees have had plenty of time to grow leisurely and healthily and to adapt optimally to their location. With much love, the Kogi Indians protect these precious trees and interfere as little as possible with nature.

Café Kogi "Zhigoneshi" - Espresso Roast

The Zhigoneshi roast (pronounced: Dschigoneschi) is a strong espresso roast. This variety is excellent for an elegant, slightly fruity espresso from a portafilter. A nice body, a slight sweetness and very fine, pointed acidity combine to create a coffee with a noble character. Medium-bodied and very multifaceted in aromas, you will encounter a full-bodied coffee with a long positive aftertaste. Cocoa, dark chocolate and balanced citrus aromas in particular stand out from the diverse aromas we encounter.

Preferred preparation

portafilter, stovetop pot, fully automatic machine, aeropress.

Attention: Recommendation for machine settings by Oliver Driver from Urwaldkaffee GmbH!

Espresso made from 100% Arabica beans stands for high quality, but is also very sensitive to changes in water temperature. The hotter the water, the fruitier Espresso ZHIGONESHI becomes. Advanced coffee connoisseurs and nerds love fruity coffees, others find it more "sour" - a matter of taste. We prepare espresso in our showroom with a water temperature of 92 °C, that's how it tastes best to us and our customers. If you can control the temperature with a knob, this is easy. On some portafilters, you have to remove the top cover, and underneath is a small nut or screw where you can adjust the water pressure, which has a direct effect on the water temperature. Here is an overview of the brew temperature as a function of pressure.



Brewing temperature

1.1 bar

122 °C

90,4 °C

1.2 bar

123 °C

92,7 °C

1.3 bar

125 °C

93,6 °C

1.4 bar

127 °C

95,1 °C

ZHIGONESHI is also sensitive to the weather during grinding. In humid muggy weather, it grinds a little coarser. So if you have the right grind and the correct amount of coffee powder in the portafilter and it takes 25-30 seconds to get just the right amount of espresso in the cup - and the espresso is too fruity for you, turn down the water temperature. 2° C difference already makes a lot of difference!

Word Meaning - "Zhigoneshi"

ZHIGONESHI is the word for mutual support, for the balance of give and take, for the necessary balance in everything that exists.

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