Dattel Lebkuchen Bio
Dattel Lebkuchen Bio
Dattel Lebkuchen Bio

Date Gingerbread Organic

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Sugar-free and handmade: Gingerbread from Dattel-Manufaktur

It has long been our wish to expand our product range with a Christmas pastry that is made from the highest quality organic ingredients, tastes delicious and - in contrast to the sugared sweet stuff that usually fills the shelves of the markets around Christmas time - makes do with the natural, fruity sweetness of the date alone. In 2020, we put the idea into action and tested our organic date gingerbread for the first time in a small batch - lots of positive feedback encouraged us to repeat the production this year! We used the late summer to fine-tune our recipe and optimize the production and are now happy to offer the fine date pastry in our store again.

Our organic date gingerbread are:

+ free of added sugar
+ WITHOUT flour in the gingerbread dough
+ baked on organic whole wheat wafers
+ 40% walnuts and almonds
+ with crunchy, 100% chocolate coating
+ made in our own manufactory
+ handmade with love

What exactly goes into the dough?

Just like a real, traditional Elisen gingerbread, we don't use flour to make our organic date gingerbread. Instead, our dough consists of about 40% almonds and walnuts. We use these partly finely ground and partly coarsely chopped to give the dough a nice structure. We completely avoid the addition of sugar in our recipe. Instead of conventional industrial sugar, we use date sugar - a fine powder made from dried, ground dates. Since the whole fruit is used for the date sugar, the valuable ingredients of the date are also preserved. To make the pastry even fruitier and even juicier, we also use pieces of dates and dried apricots. Since we want to keep our recipe as simple and natural as possible, we also completely avoid any additives or preservatives and the addition of raising agents. We use fresh organic free-range eggs, which we whip into a fine-pored foam to make the dough a little more airy. Of course, the right spice must not be missing from a real gingerbread. Our fine organic gingerbread spice mix with cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and allspice conjures up a wonderful, Christmassy taste on the palate in no time.

Our date gingerbread is baked on an organic wholemeal wafer. The dark chocolate coating of our gingerbread is as noble and high quality as the inside. Here, too, we completely dispense with any added sugar and/or emulsifiers. We coat our gingerbread with pure, 100% cocoa mass from Peru. The tart, crunchy coating perfectly balances the sweetness of the cookies and complements the gingerbread's taste with intense, complex cocoa flavors.

Handmade production

From the preparation of the dough to the shaping of the individual gingerbreads to the chocolate coating, the production of our organic date gingerbreads is real handwork and takes place in our small, but fine, date manufactory in Aichach. From October to December we produce every week a fresh batch of fine gingerbread.

One package of our organic date gingerbread contains 5 pieces (approx. 250g).

Customer Reviews

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Sehr lecker

Ich habe die Lebkuchen verschenkt. Sie sind sehr gut angekommen.

Heinrich Kraume
Lev Kuchen

ein wenig herb

Markus Schmalz
Dattel Lebkuchen

Topp. Natürliche Zutaten. Man schmeckt die Liebe zum Detail. Macht weiter so!!!!


Uns haben diese Lebkuchen leider überhaupt nicht geschmeckt, es fehlen Gewürze und sie sind zu trocken.

Anna Reifarth

Geschmacklich gut. Endlich mal ein Lebkuchen, der nicht so übersüßt ist! Die Schoko-Ummantelung ist auch schön knackig. Die Gebäck-Konsistenz ist jedoch definitiv zu trocken.

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