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Date paste organic

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Date paste in organic quality from NaraFood.

Our date paste is a compact, soft mass, which consists of 100% dates. These are first pitted and then pureed. In the form of date paste, the fine, natural sweetness of the date can be wonderfully used in all kinds of creations in the kitchen. In addition to a variety of fresh dates, specialties and date products in organic quality, you can now buy date paste online with us:

  • 100% Mazafati dates, from controlled organic cultivation
  • no added sugar
  • no preservatives
  • no artificial flavors
  • soft, marzipan-like consistency

fine consistency and aromatic sweetness

Our date paste is made from 100% Mazafati organic dates. The Mazafati date has by nature a very soft, creamy pulp with a fine fibrous structure. Therefore, in our experience, it is particularly suitable for the production of paste. The Mazafati dates do not need to be soaked in water beforehand, but can be pureed directly after stoning. The result is a soft paste with a fine consistency that is particularly rich in flavor. The date paste is wonderful to work with: it is compact yet soft. The texture of the paste is reminiscent of marzipan or shortbread. In terms of taste, the Mazafati date has also proven itself for the production into paste: the date has an intense, spicy sweetness and gives the paste a great aroma.

Date paste: versatile energy supplier and sweetener

Dates contain a lot of fiber and a wide range of nutrients, vitamins and minerals - including potassium, magnesium, iron and folic acid. The fruits therefore serve as a valuable source of energy for the body. In addition, dates have a delightful, fruity sweetness and can replace household sugar in many recipes.

Since the whole fruit is used for the date paste, all valuable vital substances remain contained. So if you want to sweeten with dates in baking and cooking, we recommend using date paste, which can be easily incorporated into doughs, sauces, spreads and the like thanks to its fine-fibered structure.

What can date paste be used for?

Date paste can be used in many different ways. With its compact, soft consistency, it is particularly suitable for further processing in the kitchen. For example, you can mix date paste with other ingredients such as chopped nuts, nut mashes, cocoa, shredded coconut, oatmeal and spices to make delicious energy balls (or bars) in no time.

Here are a few more ideas for using date paste:

  • Flavoring sauces with a sweet oriental note.
  • homemade chutneys and fruit spreads
  • as a filling for mamoul cookies
  • in cream cheese dips (for example curry-date-parsley)
  • for all kinds of raw delicacies (fruit slices, date pralines, energy balls...)

We use the date paste for our date creations in jars. For example, in combination with coconut oil in our date coconut cream, the paste gets a delicate creamy melt. In the date chocolate cream, the tart, intense cocoa flavors are excellently balanced by the fruity sweetness of the date paste. For our date puree, the paste is whipped with water and then gets an airy, mushy consistency that tastes great as a spread.

What is the shelf life of the date paste?

Our date paste is currently only available in 9 kg buckets. At first, this sounds like quite a large quantity for normal household use. Fortunately, the date paste can be stored for several months. It should be stored in a cool, dry place. So if you regularly use natural sweeteners in the form of date paste in the kitchen, or like to make energy balls, bars or chocolates from dates, you can certainly buy date paste in stock.

Especially for further processing in the kitchen, we also have some other date products in our assortment, most of which we also offer in smaller container sizes. For example, date sugar, pitted Mazafati and Sayer dates or date syrup. You can find an overview of how which date sweetener can be best used in the kitchen in our blog entry How do I use dates as a sugar substitute?

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Iris Schnödewind
Beste Qualität

Seit Jahren verwende ich die Datteln/Dattelprodukte von Nara—Food.
Ich schätze den Verkauf direkt vor York sehr. Der Inhaber ist immer sehr freundlich und die Produkte sind frisch und in Bioqualität. Das ist mir sehr wichtig. Zum backen, kochen und verschenken. Das ist mir mein Körper, meine Gesundheit wert. Ich vergebe mind 5 Sterne :-)

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