Datteln in Rum Bio

Dates in rum organic

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Dates in rum: Orient meets Caribbean

Attention all gourmets: now there's something on ice cream! That's right, our fine dates in rum are indeed the crowning glory on any dessert and guarantee a successful conclusion to festive meals. Fruity-creamy Sukkari dates bathe here in high percentage, soaked in noble, dark rum. This delicacy is perfectly rounded off by a touch of vanilla, which gives the whole thing a lovely note.

Less is everything! This also applies to our exquisite rum dates.

Time and again we are amazed at how ravishing simplicity can be. So we have come to the conclusion that we always keep our specialties as simple as possible, thus achieving maximum enjoyment. So here, too, only three ingredients make the grade: sun-ripened, dried dates from Saudi Arabia, a fine rum and exquisite vanilla. And because quality is more important to us than quantity, we source all ingredients from controlled organic cultivation.

Well-tried and still popular: dried fruits in high-proof spirits

Who doesn't know them: rum plums and other sweet and spicy stone and dried fruits preserved in alcohol, which are especially popular served on ice cream, cakes and other desserts. What was invented a long time ago for the purpose of preservation, today has conquered its place in the delicatessen shelves and finds there in many variations lurid sales. Besides plums, figs, apricots, peaches and a number of other fruits are preserved in alcohol, flavored with cinnamon, vanilla and other spices. However, unlike many other products available on the market, we do not add any sugar at all. A measure that, thanks to the high fructose content of our dates, we are sure to be forgiven for. What the famous rum plums have in common with our very own version is not only the fine way of preserving them in high percentage, but also the high concentration of dietary fiber. Instead of a glass of bitters or herbal spirit, dates in rum are doubly recommended as the icing on the cake.

High-percentage enjoyment for special occasions or as an occasion in itself

A rum date enjoyed neat is undoubtedly the crowning glory of an extensive menu, but it can also be used as an aperitif and appetizer in one. Once you have acquired a taste for it, no festive occasion will go by without a glass of this juicy, seductive delicacy. And what if the occasion is missing? Then a creamy, caramel rum date also provides that certain something extra and sweetens our day with its luscious, juicy deliciousness.

Delicious recipe ideas for rum dates wanted? An incomplete look at the wide range of applications:

Quite attractively, of course, our alcohol-pickled dates also make a great ice cream, for example, a vanilla ice cream with cream and honey walnuts. The mere idea of it makes our mouths water... Here in Southern Germany, the sweet fruits from the Middle East may also decorate pancakes, sweet dumplings and Kaiserschmarrn anyway. Dates in rum, however, are also excellent for refining recipes for dry cakes and fruit bread. Last but not least, a Christmas classic comes to mind: the famous Christmas stollen, once with dates, as a delicious addition to the requisite raisins and other dried fruit. We could go on rambling endlessly about our preferences and ideas. In the end, however, the following applies: (Self) trying is more important than studying.

Fancy an exotic treat? Order sweet and tart dates in rum online now!

If you finally have the pleasure of holding one or more of these little glasses in your hands, you can take your time with a clear conscience. If you can, and not one jar at a time vergustiert - but that only on the sidelines. The shelf life is one year if stored dry and cool, but if you think of similar delicacies from grandma's cellar, this is really just a bare minimum.

Rum dates are a vegan natural product without added fat and sugar.

Recipes with our dates

Kartoffel-Lauch Suppe: Rezept mit Dattel-Nuss-Topping

Kartoffel-Lauch Suppe: Rezept mit Dattel-Nuss-Topping

Mit dieser feinen Kartoffel-Lauch-Suppe stillt man an kalten Tagen das Bedürfnis nach einer wärmenden Mahlzeit. Das knusprig süße Dattel-Nuss-Topping verleiht dem herzhaften Suppen-Klassiker einen ...
Dattel-Balsamico-Dressing für würzigen Tomaten-Salat mit Schalotten und Oliven

Dattel-Balsamico-Dressing für würzigen Tomaten-Salat mit Schalotten und Oliven

Ein köstlicher Sommer-Salat mit sonnengereiften Tomaten, Kräutern, Oliven und feinem Dattel Dressing mit unserem Dattel-Balsamico-Essig.
Dattelbutter serviert zu Tintenfisch mit Kichererbsen

Dattelbutter serviert zu Tintenfisch mit Kichererbsen

Eine bunte Mischung aus Tintenfisch, in der Pfanne scharf angebraten, mit etwas Knoblauch und Zitrone, dazu Kichererbsen und unsere süßliche Dattelbutter. Simpel und lecker!