Deglet Nour Bio Demeter Datteln, entsteint
Deglet Nour Bio Demeter Datteln, entsteint
Deglet Nour Bio Demeter Datteln, entsteint
Deglet Nour organic Demeter dates, pitted

Deglet Nour organic Demeter dates, pitted

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  • Country of origin: Tunesien

  • Taste: nussig and honig-süß

  • Consistency: bissfest

  • Storage: Kühlschrank

  • Inspiration: als Snack für zwischendurch, frische Salate, ins Müsli schnibbeln

Gold from the desert: our stoned Demeter Deglet Nour organic dates

Deglet Nour dates, like Medjool, are among the best known and most exported dates of all. Most of us will have seen a pack of dates of this variety in the supermarket: light brown, sugary sweet, of medium size and in dried form. However, it is also not uncommon to see them on an artificial plastic stem and coated with syrup to make the fruit look even shinier. This is different with us: Our fruits come without artificial helpers, fresh and from controlled organic cultivation. For the sake of the customer as well as for the sake of nature, which produces these delicacies - our pitted Demeter Deglet Nour organic dates.

Demeter dates - sustainable raw food quality with organic label

What distinguishes our fruit from commercially available Deglet Nours with the EU organic seal? Our Deglet Nour Demeter dates are grown exclusively according to biodynamic guidelines and harvested without intermediate treatment. Demeter stands for a raw food quality awarded with the national organic seal. Unlike products with the "normal" organic label, which meet EU requirements, Demeter biodynamic farming is the most sustainable form of land management and goes far beyond the requirements of the EU organic regulation.

Deglet Nour pitted, the golden yellow honey fruit of the Maghreb

The name Deglet Nour, which can be translated as "finger of light", comes from the almost transparent flesh and the bright golden yellow color that characterizes these dates. Cultivated is the Deglet Nour, also "Queen of all dates", mainly in Tunisia and Algeria, where the variety has its origin. The enormous date palms love a dry climate and the blazing sun, but the impression is deceptive - if not otherwise irrigated, a date palm prefers to stand with its roots in groundwater, which for dates may well be very salty. Plenty of sun and water, these are the ingredients for such deliciously creamy fruits as the Deglet Nour are.

Pure and neutral sweetness for unlimited use in any kitchen

The relatively small dates are firm on the outside and tender-soft on the inside. Their taste is reminiscent of honey. This mild, pure sweetness and their relatively long shelf life make Deglet Nour an incredibly versatile all-round product. Eaten pure, they provide energy in between meals, but are also suitable as an ingredient for raw vegan snacks or juicy-sweet pastries, for example. Chopped or pureed, pitted Demeter Deglet Nour organic dates can easily be used in the entire kitchen as a natural sugar alternative. Dates are a great way to feast, and not just on the sweet side, as you might think at first. Especially in spicy dishes, appetizers or at the barbecue, the creamy-sweet fruits unfold their fine aroma in a particularly refined way. Whether "dates wrapped in bacon", finely chopped Deglet Nour in a chicory-orange salad, in chicken pilaf or combined with goat cheese and rosemary - dates are guaranteed to provide the final kick that the menu was still missing. A look at our recipe collection is definitely worth it! There we regularly publish and link our current favorites.

Nutritious and natural: Dates are full of potential

In the fitness scene, the date has long been known, popular and not infrequently a fixed component of the diet. No wonder, because the potassium contained in dates in large quantities is of great importance for the function of nerves and muscles. The fruit is also rich in carbohydrates - also essential for muscles, but also for brain function - as well as fiber and copper. Copper is needed for a stable immune system, but also benefits the nerves. So it's logical to ask: why should dates be reserved for the athletes' corner? The natural snack full of valuable ingredients reliably provides us with energy replenishment, whether we're sweating it out on the equipment, over exams and books, or in front of the screen. And it does so without burdening our bodies with refined sugar, artificial additives or an excess of fats.

Fair trade dates for people and nature. Order online now.

We are convinced that the fine quality of the Demeter natural food we offer and the exquisite taste are not only a product of sun, water and a few hand movements, but also require an intact environment and stable economic and social situation. That is why it is important for us to maintain a trustful, intensive contact with our farmers and to pay fair prices that reflect the careful care and work that the farmers invest in their plantations. That's what you're automatically helping to support when you buy our dates and delicacies. Order your pack of delicious pitted Deglet Nour Organic Dates today - each date a small, delicious moment of indulgence.

Storage advice

For longer storage, keep pitted Demeter dates in the refrigerator. Alternatively, our panicles of Deglet Nour Demeter dates are ideal; refrigerated, they also stay fresh longer.

Customer Reviews

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Sehr gute Qualität

Bin selber aus Tunesien und Deglet Nour ist meine Lieblings Sorte. Ich empfehle gerne die Datteln von NaraFood weiter weil die Qualität ist hochwertig , schöne nachhaltige Verpackung und schnelle Versand.

Gerti R.

Die Datteln sind super lecker und frisch. Der Tipp mit Lagerung im Kühlschrank war auch super.
Gerne wieder.

Einfach Wow 🤩

Die Datteln sind soo frisch und lecker.
Ich bin selber aus Tunesien und esse jeden Tag Datteln. So feine Deglet Nour habe ich nie (in Tunesien oder hier in Deutschland) gegessen.
Ich bin froh, dass ich NARA entdeckt habe.

Stefanie T.
Total lecker

Die superfresh Wanan schmecken ganz toll. Bestelle ich gerne wieder!

Lena Wulf

Die Datteln sind super lecker und frisch.
Immer wieder!!!

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