Date chocolate cream organic
Date chocolate cream organic

Date chocolate cream organic

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Chocolate as in date chocolate cream

If, like us, you are a lover of sweets and especially chocolate, you naturally look for ways to include chocolate in your diet as often and as purely as possible. So what could be more natural for us as date fans than to combine our two passions? We spread the sweet mixture of juicy, lusciously sweet date puree and delicately melting chocolate mass on our bread, spoon it on just like that or turn it into a dip for our daily fruit ration.

Date-chocolate spread - because delicious can be so simple

The ingredient lists on chocolate spreads in the supermarket are usually endless. Preservatives, flavors, fats - we ask ourselves: why so complicated, when it can be much simpler, more delicious and, by the way, healthier? The basis of our date chocolate cream is a puree of fresh Mazafati organic dates from the Arabian Peninsula. This fruit puree gives the finished product its luscious sweetness, the chocolate mass, on the other hand, the stunningly creamy consistency and, of course, what makes this date chocolate cream the real star among chocolate spreads, namely a generous portion of cocoa flavor. And it couldn't be more natural: whole, organically grown cocoa nuts are used for the cocoa mass, which means cacao butter with 100% cocoa content. Dates and cocoa beans, that's it? Yes, that's it and that's all it takes for the perfect treat.

Spread it on thick and treat yourself quite literally in the process.

Although this date chocolate cream looks so simple at first glance, there's a lot more to it when it comes to doing something good for yourself and your body. Athletes will be interested to know that dates contain a significantly higher amount of potassium than bananas, for example. Potassium is an electrolyte that our body needs to transmit signals to nerves and muscles and thus contributes significantly to their function. In addition, potassium balance is important for maintaining normal blood pressure. Also worth mentioning is the high fiber content of dates, which is why they are rightly dubbed "the bread of the desert". However, what makes the fruit so highly desirable is its simply unbelievable caramel sweetness, which it owes to the fructose it contains. What need is there for elaborately refined sugar? The cocoa mass, for its part, to which the cream owes its melting, already contributes to our well-being through its chocolaty taste alone. So if you take care of yourself and love sweet and creamy, you'll hit the bull's eye with our date chocolate cream.

Date chocolate cream for us and our environment

If you take a closer look at your nutrition, it is usually obvious to think about the environmental compatibility of food production. We take this into account by using organically grown ingredients for our delicacies, where farming is sustainable and without chemical toxins. We also believe that the future belongs to food that is produced in a resource-saving and minimalist way. Here, for example, it's exclusively all-natural cocoa liquor and date puree that combine to create a simple yet sumptuously delicious chocolate spread. And last but not least, our chocolate cream comes without milk and other animal products and is therefore absolutely animal-free or vegan.

Not without my date chocolate cream

What may sound fancy and complicated is de facto simply one thing, and that is delicious. Delicious as a spread for breakfast or in a snack, chocolaty with fruit and nuts, versatile as an ingredient for bars and pastries. In addition, how about a sophisticated chocolaty sauce at a barbecue? Chocolate cakes, brownies and lava cakes can now be made without buttercream and melted chocolate - sugar-free and much tastier with chocolate date cream. Stored in a dry and cool place, it will theoretically keep for a whole year, but we haven't let it get that far yet. Perhaps, but only perhaps, such a glass of divine chocolate pleasure disappears simply on a cozy evening on the sofa. Who could blame us? If you can't get enough of the unbeatable combination of chocolate and dates, take a look at our chocolate dates.

Customer Reviews

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andrea franz
Dattel Schoko Creme Bio

Die Lieferung ging schnell. Da ich Allergikerin bin, und auch auf Nüsse reagiere, war ich gespannt. Ich vertrage es sehr gut, und angenehm finde ich den Geschmack, nicht zu süß.
Macht weiter so
Liebe Grüße Andrea

Tolle nicht so süße Dattel Schoko Creme, perfekt!

Ich finde den Dattel Schokoaufstrich super lecker, gesund, nur gute Inhaltsstoffe. Schmeckt auch nur zum Löffeln.

Sehr lecker

Nicht zu süße Schokocreme aus gesunden Zutaten. Zum Löffeln aus dem Glas oder aufs Brot, gerne auch mit Banane und Zimt.

Bärbel Hartmann

Wer Dattel mag, sollte von NaraFood kaufen.
Die Frische schmeckt mag. Wenn ich sie verschenken bekommen ich nur positive Rückmeldung😊

M. N.
Sehr gut

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