Medjool Premium BIO Dattel
Medjool Premium Bio Datteln
Medjool Premium Bio Datteln
Medjool Premium Bio Datteln
Medjool Premium Bio Datteln
Medjool Premium Bio Datteln
Medjool Premium Bio Datteln
Medjool Premium Bio Datteln

Medjool Premium Organic Dates

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  • Country of origin: Israel, Jordanien, and Saudi-Arabien

  • Taste: karamellig, süß, and fruchtig

  • Consistency: weich and saftig

  • Storage: Kühlschrank

  • Inspiration: Energiereserven auffüllen, mit Nüssen kombinieren, frische Salate

Medjool dates - the queen of dates. A large date of raw food quality, which is very fruity and fleshy and will remain in everyone's memory after tasting it. You can order this date in our online store and buy Medjool dates from us among many other date varieties.

Fresh Medjool dates in the best organic quality

Our organic premium Medjool dates come from the Jordan Valley, which lies 300 meters below sea level. Their subtle sweetness enhances the taste of salads and other dishes. They are also wonderful with coffee and tea, in smoothies or as a snack between meals. There are several different spellings for this date, such as Medjool, Medjol, Medjoul or Medjuul. However, it is always the same soft, delicately sweet date that you can buy here.

This date has its origins in the fertile valleys of southern Morocco. Over 100 years ago, the fruit was brought to California by Moroccan emigrants. The fruit became so popular that the harvested dates could barely meet the demand of the domestic market. With the immigration of Jewish citizens to Israel, the fruit came to the Middle East for the first time. Date palms were cultivated on both sides of the Jordan Valley. Today, the fruit can be found everywhere on the Arabian Peninsula and you can now buy these dates conveniently online from us.

Among the hundreds of different varieties of dates, this date is probably one of the best known, not least because of its size and natural sweetness. Like all dates, they also grow on palm trees. There are male and female date palms, with only the female fruit bearing fruit after pollination.

When people think of dates, they usually think of dried fruit first and foremost. However, Medjool dates are juicy, fresh dates that are cleaned, sorted and finally packaged after harvesting - a pure natural product in raw food quality. When they are harvested, the fruits still contain around 20% water and are not artificially dried any further. The longer they are stored, the less water they contain and the dates become a little drier, but do not lose any of their flavor.

Growing, caring for and finally harvesting Medjool dates is a very labor-intensive process. It usually takes seven years for a date palm to bear fruit. This is why farmers affectionately refer to the areas where date palms are grown as date groves or date gardens rather than fields. The useful life of the palms is around 80 - 100 years. In 1963, around two thousand year old date seeds were found during excavations in the Masada fortress. Researchers were able to grow one of the sprouts in 2005. The plant is now known as the Judean date palm and is the record holder for age-related germination.

Dates with natural sweetness

Dates have a high sugar content. This ensures a quick and constant supply of energy, making them ideal for endurance and strength athletes. The glucose and fructose contained in the fruit cause blood sugar levels to rise only slowly, but are very easy to digest. Despite their high sugar content, dates are not fattening. They contain significantly fewer calories than sweets, but are much healthier. The carbohydrates promote concentration and boost the mind and soul. Dates can therefore support mental workers such as office workers, pupils and students.

Nutrients of the Medjool date

Dates are rich in minerals such as

  • calcium
  • copper
  • manganese
  • potassium
  • magnesium
  • iron
  • phosphorus
  • zinc and vitamin A, B-complex and vitamin C.

In addition, fresh dates are soft and easy to digest, but also an energy booster due to their high fructose and dextrose content.

100g dates contain

  • 1.81g protein
  • 0.15g fat
  • 74.97g carbohydrates
  • 6.7g fiber
  • 63g fructose

This corresponds to 277 Kcal. No wonder the Bedouins have a balanced diet. They can survive for months on water and dates without suffering from a deficiency. For this reason, sweet dates are very important on the Arabian Peninsula. When you enter an Arab house, you are greeted with fresh dates and a glass of water, which underlines the importance and quality of dates for the people.

What are the ingredients good for?

The magnesium in dates helps with pain and swelling. Dates are particularly helpful for muscle pain such as sore muscles. Eating a date before and after sport can give you new energy for sport and shorten the recovery time after sport. Dates also have an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. The large amount of vitamin A in dates is particularly good for our eyes. Dates also contain the nutrients lutein and zeaxanthin, which help the eyes to filter out harmful UV rays and help to reduce eye fatigue.

What are dates used for?

Our dates can of course be enjoyed simply as a snack or raw food product, but their soft flesh and size also make them suitable for all kinds of other recipes. Medjool dates, for example, are ideal for stuffing. Simply cut the date lengthwise, remove the stone and then fill the fruit with cream cheese or parmesan, pistachios, walnuts or a mocha cream, depending on your preference. There are no limits to your creativity! You can buy our dates online or in selected delicatessens and organic stores. These Medjool dates are freshly harvested and can be stored in a cool place at +5°C for up to 1.5 years.

Customer Reviews

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Tolle Qualität

Die Datteln haben eine tolle Qualität. Der Geschmack und die Konsistenz sind einmalig gut!
Die Lieferung ist schnell und der Service gefällt mir auch.
Ich werde sie auf jeden Fall wieder kaufen!


Die Hälfte von der 5 kg Karton sind leider zu trocken und nicht fleischig!

Datteln kaufe ich nur noch bei NaraFood

Die Datteln (Jordanische Medjool) waren unfassbar lecker, sehr weich, äußerst saftig und perfekt verpackt.
Ich habe noch nie so leckere Datteln gegessen - und ich habe schon viele Händler ausprobiert!
Toll, dass wir die Möglichkeit haben, solche Spezialitäten in dieser Qualität in Deutschland zu kaufen....

Maria Kristl

Alles perfekt, sehr gute Datteln.

Firyal Salo
Sehr empfehlenswert

Super schnelle Lieferung, tolle Verpackung und ganz frische Datteln 🥰

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