Dattelzucker Bio
Dattelzucker Bio

Date sugar organic

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Organic date sugar - the natural alternative to sugar, sweetener & Co.

There are many sugar alternatives. That even sweetener is not a real alternative, is now known to most. However, in addition to whole cane sugar, molasses, stevia, agave syrup, birch sugar and many other sweeteners, dates also provide excellent sweetness. Actually obvious, isn't it? Date sugar is made from whole dates that are dried and then ground into a fine powder. Its taste is similar to that of whole cane sugar: mildly sweet, delicately rounded with a hint of caramel.

Are you looking for an alternative sweetener? With us you can conveniently buy date sugar online!

Sweeten wholesome, natural and vegan with sugar from dates from organic cultivation.

What makes date sugar so special is that, unlike the flavor-related whole cane sugar, but also all other sugar alternatives, it is actually whole food. Because here no plant substance must be industrially separated from the original product - date sweetener consists of the whole dates in pulverized form. In this way, all the ingredients, minerals and trace elements of the fruit are fully preserved.

Pimp your muesli: delicious date sweetener for cooking, baking and brunching

Date sugar is an ideal sweetener for baking and cooking. Since it doesn't dissolve completely, we recommend our aromatic, intensely sweet date syrup for drinks. For everything else, however, date sugar makes sense. Its sweetening power is about one fifth to one quarter less than that of household sugar. This is due to the composition of the whole fruit, which consists of about 75% fructose and glucose. Nutrition-conscious people can take advantage of this property to bake recipes that often feature a lot of sugar in a sugar-reduced way, because in fact the sugar in many recipes can easily be reduced by a third or even half. However, we also sweeten desserts and muesli with date sugar according to taste. This enriches breakfast or dessert with a full-bodied, restrained sweetness as well as a fine butterscotch flavor.
Of course, almost anything can also be sweetened with the fresh all-rounders, the dates themselves, if you enjoy cutting, chopping or pureeing fruit every day. However, with its simple, convenient handling, powdery date sugar simply cuts the best when it comes to use in the kitchen.

Sugar from dates, valuable supplier of minerals such as potassium and copper.

Date sugar contains slightly fewer calories than household sugar, but plenty of valuable ingredients. For example, copper and potassium, which are found in high quantities in dates. Both minerals support the nervous system, but also have a positive influence on, as in the case of potassium, muscles and blood pressure, and, in the case of copper, connective tissue and an intact immune system.

Good for man and nature: organic date sugar from Nara from the whole fruit
Another plus point compared to conventional household sugar, apart from the aromatic taste, composition and nutritional value is also the ecological footprint of this natural sweetener: date sugar can be produced in a way that conserves resources like hardly any other sweetener. The drying of the purely sweet Deglet Nour dates is largely done by the sun itself, and then only the grinding is left on the schedule. The fact that even in the cultivation of organic dates care is taken to preserve the soil and resources is not only ensured by the organic seal, but we ourselves also maintain regular contact with our date farmers on site, visit the plantations or encourage our contractual partners to further certify and invest in their business. Processing their products as gently as possible to obtain a truly natural product is the icing on the cake. This is how enjoyment works for people and nature.

Buy organic date sugar now and make your own sweets without hesitation

Date sugar has a long shelf life and is easy to store in the cupboard. Similar to whole cane sugar, just make sure the powdered sweetness is stored airtight so it doesn't clump together. So always seal the package tightly or transfer the sugar to an airtight container. So nothing stands in the way of its use in cakes, desserts or sauces. Order the delicious date sweetener conveniently online in our store and try for yourself.

Advantages of our date sugar at a glance:

  • Taste similar to whole cane sugar
  • Wholefood, because natural
  • sugar-reduced cooking and baking possible
  • less calories than household sugar
  • organic cultivation
  • long shelf life

Customer Reviews

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Ursula P.
Nicht mehr ohne. : )

Ich bin begeistert von Dattelzucker weil ich ohne schlechtes Gewissen damit süßen kann.
Man schmeckt überhaupt nicht raus dass es kein Zucker im herkömmlichen Sinn ist.

Super Dattelzucker

Große Vorratspackung Dattelzucker, der sehr gut schmeckt. Ist schön locker und klebt nicht als Brocken zusammen. Wunderbar für meine Zimt und Zucker Mischung, oder mit Vanille, in Brot, säuerlichen Früchten und vieles mehr.

Leyla Aydin
Mega 👌🏻

Super frische Datteln - so leckere Datteln hatte ich davor noch nie gegessen. Auch die Datteln in der Probierpackung 2 sind super 👍🏻

Stefanie Wolff
Tolles Produkt

Ich finde den Dattelzucker super, benutze ihn oft in Grießbrei und Porridge. Es sind gemahlene Datteln, also sehr viel besser als Industriezucker. Würde ich wieder bestellen.

Benjamin C
Der Zucker ist Super

Super Zucker

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