Date puree organic
Date puree organic

Date puree organic

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Juicy, sweet and delicious: Buy organic date puree online.

Fresh, with a pleasantly natural and yet intense sweetness comes this fruit puree, which nothing but sun-ripened dates give its juicy creamy melt. The strong, tart-sweet aroma alone makes our mouths water. Such a simple product, so delicious and yet so valuable - it's not easy to find a second time. And what makes our date puree so special?

  • As with all our products, we use only the best ingredients from controlled organic cultivation.
  • Only organic dates are used in our date puree - the fine fruit puree does not contain any other ingredients.
  • We use the Mazafati date for our date puree - the fine fiber structure of the flesh of the organic date makes the puree particularly creamy.

Fresh date puree: where simplicity meets pleasure

In the fruity, caramel sweetness of our date puree, you can taste the many hours of hot sunshine that the high-quality Mazafati dates used in it were allowed to enjoy before they, pureed into puree, landed in our jars and on our plates. This fructose in its juiciest form is the product of sunshine. In the oases of Bam, the origin of the Mazafati date, the dates are exposed to extreme heat of 40° - 50° C in the summer months, but in the winter months there can be frost from time to time. It is probably thanks to these extreme climatic conditions that the flesh of the Mazafati date is so fine-grained. The soft, juicy fruit is therefore not only delicious to taste, but can also be processed excellently with a hand blender.

The unique quality of the fruit is also ensured by the loving irrigation and care of the date palms by our farmers, whose cultivation methods have hardly changed in the last thousand years. And as the saying goes: "never change a winning team". That's why we don't want to change much about it either. Thus, this date puree remains a simple but noble fruit puree of the finest consistency, which, like all our products, is completely free from the addition of normal industrial sugar and other additives. The naturally contained fructose ensures a shelf life of one year without preservatives. Once the jar has been opened, however, the puree should be stored in the refrigerator and used within one to two weeks.

Date puree, a real all-rounder and true kitchen talent

Date puree is - next to our syrup made from organic dates - one of the most versatile products you can imagine. Thanks to its natural sweetness, the fine puree can be used wonderfully as a substitute for normal sugar in many recipes. If you can resist the juicy fruit puree and have not just killed it with a spoon, here is a wonderful spread that can stand up to any normal jam. But not only as a spread on bread, the date puree is a real treat. From us here in Bavaria there is a special tip: pancakes!

Baking and cooking with date puree: Refining favorite recipes with ease

Intensely sweet, fruity and light, our date puree also makes a great addition to cakes, between cookies and cake layers instead of mighty butter creams or sugared jellies. Fragrant nut buns, for example, can now be easily transformed into a healthier version based on a common recipe by using simple date puree to sweeten the dough and, together with ground almonds or other nuts, for the filling. The days of relegating low-fat, sugar-free sweets and treats to the realm of dreams are finally a thing of the past! As if made for smoothies, date puree provides fruity-fresh sweetness here, but it also looks good in a summer milkshake or frappé. You can find some fine recipe ideas on our website.

Thanks to its highly concentrated sweetness, which is similar to a syrup, and its melting consistency, date puree is suitable as a sweetener and sugar substitute in almost all recipes, be it a sauce, a dessert, a pastry with nuts, a hearty curry or even a luscious salad. For example, how about a modified honey mustard dressing or the sweet nut cakes from our date recipes page? Once tried, our date puree quickly becomes a versatile companion that is indispensable in the kitchen.

Live lighter and eat better with a juicy date spread

Behind the appearance of simplicity, this fruity date puree hides a whole bouquet of valuable ingredients. Potassium, for example, which plays an important role in maintaining balanced blood pressure and muscle and nerve function, is present in large quantities in dates, as is copper. This mineral is important for the nervous system, immune system and energy metabolism, but also helps maintain connective tissue. Rich in fructose and fiber, a small portion of date puree keeps you full for a long time. Unlike sweetened products, which often only provide energy for a short time and then cause a low that calls for more and more sugar replenishment, the undeniable addictive effect of our date puree is based solely on its pithy, fruity taste. It's never been easier to say goodbye to industrial sugar, preservatives and the like. We make sure that whoever thinks highly of balanced nutrition today can fall back on great foods and products from all over the world, thanks to which conscious and healthy living can be one thing above all: pure enjoyment.

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