Kholas Bio Datteln
Kholas Bio Datteln
Kholas Bio Datteln
Kholas Bio Datteln
Kholas Bio Datteln
Kholas Bio Datteln
Kholas Bio Datteln

Kholas organic dates

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Weight:400 g
  • Country of origin: Saudi-Arabien

  • Taste: Fudge, Toffee, and karamellig

  • Consistency: cremig and weich

  • Storage: Kühlschrank

  • Inspiration: Energiereserven auffüllen, Karamell-Bonbon, ins Müsli schnibbeln

Kholas dates in organic quality

The Kholas is a small, inconspicuous date that has really done it for us. Behind its pale, honey-yellow to orange skin lies a wonderfully aromatic, caramel-tasting flesh. Kholas dates can be used in a variety of ways: they taste delicious when simply eaten plain, and as a "little snack for in between" they also provide the body with valuable energy and a variety of nutrients and minerals. Kholas dates also bring sunshine to the table at breakfast and provide a good start to the day in muesli or alongside a homemade nut granola. They are also a wonderful base for date chocolates or energy balls - there are no limits to creativity when it comes to ingredients. Among the many different varieties of dates in our organic range, Kholas dates are certainly among our favorites.

Kholas dates: between creamy-soft, firm to the bite and chewy

With dates, the time of harvest is decisive for the consistency of the fruit. The earlier a date is harvested, the softer and creamier its flesh. The longer the farmer waits to harvest, the more moisture the date loses, while around harvest time in late summer/fall it is exposed daily to hot, dry desert winds and extreme sunlight.

Kholas dates can also feel quite different depending on when they are harvested: harvested early, they are creamy-soft and virtually melt in your mouth; as they ripen, the flesh takes on a pleasant bite, becoming somewhat firmer and denser. The transitions are smooth and all textures have their own appeal.

The ripeness of the Kholas dates is also usually visually apparent: The riper the dates are harvested, the more the flesh separates from the surrounding skin. This then appears light yellow and almost transparent. This process is known as "skin separation". While the lowest possible skin separation is a quality criterion for Medjool dates, the peeling skin of Kholas dates is a characteristic feature of the variety.

Current harvest

Those who are already familiar with our Kholas dates may have noticed that we do not have two different varieties of Kholas dates, as we did last year, but only one. Last year we had Kholas dates from the "regular" harvest with firm to the bite, slightly chewy flesh, and as "Super Fresh" - harvested early and with a particularly soft, creamy consistency. The fruits of the current harvest lie somewhere in between: they are significantly softer than last year's "regular" harvest and in some cases somewhat firmer than the "Super Fresh".

A special kind of taste experience: caramel candies from nature's treasure troves

As already described, the Kholas dates are characterized by their aromatic caramel notes. They are reminiscent of French caramel candies or sweets such as fudge and toffee - which also have a certain similarity in terms of consistency. Unlike these sugary sins, however, whose caramel flavor is created when sugar, butter and milk are boiled, our Kholas Organic Dates are completely unprocessed, virgin and naturally caramel-sweet. Once you have tasted this unique, natural caramel sweetness, you will prefer the Kholas date to a caramel candy any time.

Caramel sweetness in combination

The aromatic sweetness of this wonderful date can be easily combined and used in many different dishes in the kitchen. On our date recipes page, we collect appetizing recipe ideas for cooking and baking with dates. Among other things, the Kholas date has proven to be particularly suitable in our recipe for a breakfast granola with nuts, apples and dates. In combination with the homemade, nutty granola, the Kholas dates give this breakfast the finishing touch and ensure an optimal start to the day.

Speaking of nuts: hardly any other nut goes as well with Kholas dates as the macadamia. The buttery, soft nutty flavors of the crunchy macadamia nut kernels complement the caramel sweetness of the Kholas dates perfectly.

Also great with Kholas dates: a pinch of fleur de sel. The combination of caramel and salt is unique and always makes for an exciting taste experience. The combination of Kholas dates and Shiro Miso is even more unusual - but all the more fascinating for that. The light Japanese seasoning paste is salty and also shines with a deep, complex umami flavor. Our tip: Cut open Kholas dates, pit them, put a thin layer of light miso paste inside and fill with 1-2 macadamia nut kernels. Then enjoy the whole thing as a snack or offer it to good friends with a cup of tea.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Sehr leckere Datteln!

Ich habe die Kholas Datteln zum ersten Mal bestellt aufgrund der Beschreibung. Die Datteln sind sehr lecker. Ich mag die cremige, karamellige und frische Konsistenz sowie den Geschmack sehr. Werde sie auf jeden Fall wieder bestellen. :)

Dorothee Kretschmer
Sehr lecker!

Zergeht im Mund und schmeckt unheimlich gut!

Julia Majer
Einfach nur begeistert

Die leckersten Datteln die ich je gegessen habe !! Bin jetzt Stammkunde mein Kühlschrank ist einfach voll :-)

Michaela Bauer
Kholas Datteln

Sehr lecker und frisch, sehr gute w

Einfach köstlich

Ich bin begeistert von der Sorte. Richtig karamellig.

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